Outstanding publicity!  As you and I have discussed before, employers don’t want perfect people. They want people who have concrete examples of their ability to overcome obstacles.  Just the other night, I reminded my daughter (a college freshman in Boston) that the purpose of college is to give her the knowledge and opportunity to handle a set of artificial obstacles. I also reminded her that, if she handles the artificial obstacles well, someone might be willing to entrust you with some real ones.

I want her looking at every obstacle as an opportunity for a new interview story; a concrete example of why she would be successful in the real world. Just think, if she someday goes into an interview with stories demonstrating strength in each of the categories (W, H, I, and M), the odds are extremely high that someone will hire her.

I am a firm believer that if college students start looking at their college years in this way, it will engage their passion and answer the burning question as to why they went to college in the first place. 

Garrett, there is no end to where this could go. I salute you for the difference you are making out there. Let me know if I can ever help you in this wonderful and worthy cause.

FilingGarrett Miller