Creating Space Since 2007



Since CoTria's inception in 2007, Garrett Miller has led a team of trainers dedicated to making the learning experience fun, interactive, and practical. CoTria is a productivity training company whose one objective is to save your organization time and energy. For more than a decade CoTria has helped some of the world's greatest organizations boost their efficiency by Creating Space in their day. Each seminar we deliver is designed to be a win/win scenario. A win for the attendee because she will immediately begin to save time and energy and a win for her colleagues and customers as her efficiencies spill over into every communication, meeting, and interaction. CoTria's seminars help teams recapture time currently being lost to low productive activities that frustrate every professional.

We equip organizations with the tools needed to get more done, increase job satisfaction, improve work/life balance, and ultimately drive profits. We are dedicated to making your training experience one of the best you’ve ever had. We guarantee it.


Garrett Miller

After an extraordinary 18 year career with a Fortune 40 company, Miller started CoTria, a productivity training company that provides solutions to the daily inefficiencies he experienced in the corporate grind. His Creating Space workshops have helped propel thousands of attendees into a more productive and balanced career. His ability to design and deliver training that is practical, fun, and effective is evident in each keynote or seminar he delivers. Garrett has appeared in every form of media to share his secrets to getting more done and getting organized for good.

Garrett’s first book Hire on a WHIM, the Four Qualities That Make for Great Employees (Dog Ear Press 2010) received rave reviews. One review calling it the One Minute Manager for Hiring. The interactive companion training seminar has also enabled hiring managers to improve their hiring success rate and hone their recruiting and interviewing skills.

Garrett’s second book, Hired ‘Right’ out of College, From Classes to Calling is a must-read for students. Miller’s years as a corporate recruiter have given him insights that help students find a clearer path forward as they pursue a calling. His practical advice makes the discovery process fun and rewarding. Garrett’s AEIOU principles will help students identify their strengths and gifts and have them more prepared for the interview that will launch their career.