If you and your colleagues are working ‘after hours’ just to keep pace with demands, we can help! We’ll show you how to recapture more than 15 days per year by changing the way you approach everyday tasks like meetings, email, and keeping track of information. These tasks are sapping energy and time. Get organized once and for all while significantly driving efficiencies you never knew existed. Create Space, Get more done!


email efficiency and ETIQUETTE

90 minutes is all that you and your team will need to transform the way you communicate.  Learn the tips and tricks that will get your emails read and acted upon.  Included in every seminar are the top 10 tech tips and tricks that help you create, process, and file email more efficiently. 


GEt organized

Developing a phenomenal filing system is 90 minutes away. This seminar is life changing. Think of the stress and time expended as you search for valuable information. Imagine what it would be like to find all of your info, when you needed it.


making meetings matter

In 90 minutes your organization will discover the tools they need in order to have, fewer meetings, shorter meetings, and more productive meetings. Each attendee will learn best practices to make each meeting they attend or facilitate better than the last.


Time Management - Stay Focused

This interactive workshop is designed to provide real life solutions to help attendees say ‘Yes’ to productive work and ‘No’ to time wasting and energy draining activities. At the end of 90-minutes you’ll be ready tackle projects and assignments while creating ‘White space’ in your days.