Time Management: Staying Focused in a Frenetic World


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"I'll get to it later." Sound familiar? Many times later never comes or 'later' means in the evenings or on the weekends. There is a better way to invest your time. A better way to balance needs verses wants. More than ever knowledge workers are being asked to do more with less time. Everything seems to be a priority yet some projects must come first. You've tried multi-tasking but that often leads to mistakes, errors, and stress. If you could Create Space in your day you'd have more time to complete your tasks and more time to think, process, and recharge. Giving your organization the tools to make excellent decisions with their time will have them more productive and satisfied.


This interactive 90 minute workshop is designed to provide real life solutions to help attendees say ‘Yes’ to productive work and ‘no’ to time wasting and energy draining activities. Attendees will have the tools to tackle projects and assignments while creating ‘white space’ in their days.

Measurable Course Goals

  • Save 15 days a year

  • Decrease multi-tasking by 25%. 

  • Reduce project completion time by 20%

Course Benefits

  • Complete projects and assignments quicker

  • Reduce interruptions and increase focus

  • Reduce errors, delays, and mistakes

  • Attendees learn how to say ‘No’ while preserving team unity

  • Learn to say ‘Yes’ to prioritizing for success

Who Should Attend

  • Teams that work together

  • Anyone who finds themselves multi-tasking.

  • Professionals eager to create more ‘white space’ in their days.

Training Options

  • In person

  • Webinar

"I learned how to say ‘no’. In order to complete my most important tasks I needed to prioritize and manage my time more efficiently. Creating Space by Managing Time was just what I needed. Just like Garrett said, it is not about saying ‘no’ to lower priority request, it is about saying ‘yes’ to what really matters to my business."

- Senior Manager – Food Industry leader (Privately held)