Make Meetings Matter


make meetings matter

Meetings don’t bother us, poorly run meetings bother us. A poorly run meeting drains its attendees while a well-run meeting energizes them. The average professional spends between 80-120 days/yr in meetings and surveys show that 30-40% of the time in meetings is considered wasted or of low value. There must be a better way.


In 90 minutes your organization will discover the tools they need in order to have less meetings, shorter meetings, and more productive meetings. Whether it is a live meeting, webinar, or teleconference each attendee will learn best practices to make meets they attend or facilitate better than the last. 

Measurable Course Goals

  • Reduce meeting time by 15%

  • Boost meeting results by 30%

  • Increase sharing of meeting best practices by 100%

Course Benefits

  • Save 15 days a year by reducing low priority meetings

  • Run on‐time, focused meetings with better results

  • Hold engaging, glitch free virtual meetings that reduce cost and pollution

  • Boost meeting outcomes by leveraging powerful tech tips (Outlook®, Webex®, etc.)

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who finds meetings frustrating or unproductive

  • Professionals eager to become excellent meeting attendees, organizers, or facilitators

  • Any team eager to boost meeting performance

  • Any member of an organization that is holding more virtual meetings

Training Options

  • In person

  • Webinar

  • Web-based module

"Our North American Leadership team, 70 in total, asked CoTria to help us get a handle on the quantity and quality of our meetings. His presentation was so well received we have rolled it out to the next line managers. The strategies he recommends truly Create Space in my day."

- Pharmaceutical President – Fortune 40