Email Efficiency



Ever feel overwhelmed by a bulging in-box? Is email controlling you, or are you controlling email? Knowledge workers are now spending over 100 days a year on email. When surveyed they feel that 40% of that time is wasted. Our training will have your teams communicating clearly and concisely.  Email will become the productivity tool you always knew it was could be!


90 minutes is all you and your team will need to transform the way you communicate. Learn the tips and tricks that will get your emails read and acted upon.  Included in every seminar are the top 10 tech tips and tricks to help you create, process, and file email more efficiently.

Measurable Course Goals

  • Reduce time spent on email by 20%

  • Boost clarity, quality, and effectiveness of email by 35%

  • Increase sharing of best practices by 100%

Course Benefits

  • Get organized, prioritized, and energized to excel

  • De‐clutter your jammed inbox

  • New time management concepts that save 15 days a year

  • Conquer the email overload monster

  • Determine and rapidly complete important tasks

  • Write brilliant email that gets fast results

  • Amazing Outlook®, Lotus, etc. tech tips that speed workflow and reduce interruptions

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who wants to get organized, prioritized, and energized to succeed

  • Professionals who manage multiple priorities, lots of email, and a growing number of tasks

  • Colleagues struggling with information overload or time management

Training Options

  • In person

  • Webinar

  • Web-based module


"I was nervous about talking about email for 90 minutes. It was the best, and I’ve recommended this training for our entire sales group. My associates and I are using the techniques on a daily basis. Communicating clearly fixes and prevents so many problems."

- CLO - Food Industry leader (Privately held)