Build a Winning Team: Hiring 101



Attend a hiring class that is fun, engaging, and will have you prepared to hire the next superstar. The key to hiring is getting the foundation correct. If you have the correct foundation you can build a strong structure. Hire on a WHIM teaches attendees how to hire the 4 qualities that make for sure foundations! If you miss just one of the four, it will cost your organization.


Hire on a WHIM

We Build Strong Foundations! This 3-hour interactive course will have each attendee ready to hire more confidently and successfully. Attendees will look at resumes in a whole new light. Old interview questions come alive as you tune in to what really matters in a prospective hire.  Attendees will learn how to identify and hire the four qualities that you must hire because you cannot teach.  The most common response to this module is “Garrett, now I know why certain employees didn’t work out. I wish I had known this years before.”