Hiring is an art and so is interviewing. This engaging keynote is built upon the principles found in the hit book Hire on a WHIM. Hired on a WHIM and will help audiences understand how to best position themselves for their next interview. They will understand what the interviewers are looking, listening, and watching for and why they ask the questions they do. Garrett's 14yrs as a hiring manager and career coach make the discussions about interviewing etiquette and best practices, practical and entertaining. Perfect for those soon to be or those currently in the interviewing process. Attendees will leave feeling more confident and aware of how to be Hired on a WHIM.

  • Great for high school and college student bodies.

  • Perfect for job fairs.

  • Make a powerful impact during your next interview.

  • Learn the bedrock qualities that organizations are looking for and how to display them.

  • Understand interviewing etiquette, 

  • Learn how to best represent yourself and your experiences.

  • Make a lasting impression and how to follow up.