Get Organized


get organized

Workers spend up to 50% of their day managing information. When you can’t find information quickly or at all, the toll on productivity (and your mental and emotional health) is significant. The average computer contains over 14,000 documents, filing and then efficiently finding them plays an important role in everyone’s ability to get work done. 


Developing a phenomenal filing system is 90 minutes away. Get organized once-and-for-all! This seminar is life changing. Think of the emotion, stress, and time expended as you search for valuable information. Image what it would be like to find what you need—when you need it.

Measurable Course Goals

  • Get organized!

  • Find info 25% faster

  • Save 10 days a year

  • Reduce paper printing by 15%

Course Benefits

  • Organize all of your digital information like a pro

  • File and find email and documents in a flash

  • Leverage info instead of losing it

  • Improved storage system reduces inbox clutter

  • Create effective, ordered team document storage sites

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who wants to get and stay organized

  • Professionals who often find it difficult to locate stored email, files, and documents

  • Teams that share information collectively on a shared drive or in a document management system

Training Options

  • In person

  • Webinar

  • Web-based module

"The filing class changed my life. The angst and anxiety I used to experience while looking for information I filed was draining. After implementing CoTria’s teachings I now am able to file and find all of my documents when I need them."

- President – Consumer Healthcare division