Hiring is the future of your organization!  Do you feel the pressure to get it right?  I hope so, because when we get it wrong it is costly for all parties.  Most of the time we just think of the employer and all the pain that is associated with a poor hire.  I’ll address that in a later blog.  But what about the individuals who are the poor hire.  There are at least 4 ways in which they are harmed.

  1. Many times when a new employee is hired they will also wind up leaving a job and therefore have severed ties with a former employer to come work for you.  If this current job doesn’t work out they may now be worse off than before they began the interviewing process.

  2. If you have noticed this mistake early then it appears that this employee is in and out of a jobs and might be seen as a risk.  Your poor decision to hire someone is now reflected on their resume as hopping from job to job.

  3. Being hired and loosing a job is devastating to one’s personal outlook and confidence.

  4. When a poor hire is brought into the organization they often are not a good fit.   The tension is felt from the start, they are overwhelmed, over their heads, not prepared correctly or are not a good cultural fit for the team.   The feelings are difficult and uncomfortable on both sides of the table from the get go.  This too can damage a person’s self image.

Hiring correctly is not a nice to have it is a must have.  When we get it wrong we spend countless hours of our time and eventually HR’s time dealing with this ‘issue’.  Then there is the cost to those who who are at the other end of our mistaken offer.  Take the time to acquire the skills to hire correctly.  It will be a terrific investment.   Your company, HR department, those that you wisely do not hire and your family will thank you.

Get it right by Hiring on a WHIM.

HiringGarrett Miller