I don’t know Tiger Woods or much about him so anything I communicate hear is based on reading about him and watching him on TV.   If you asked me to describe him two years ago the one word that would have popped into my head would’ve been arrogant!  I remember once hearing Tiger after a post-match conference where another player had beat him and all Tiger could express was frustration and a pout.  He spoke of how he lost the round and not on the amazing round his opponent had.  Those who lack humility struggle with sincerely recognizing anyone but themselves.

If you’ve read the book then you understand why I say this is one of those qualities that you can’t teach someone.  The only way you can learn it is by Divine intervention or by life teaching it to you, which in some circles is the same thing.  Here we see life teaching Tiger a valuable lesson, he has tumbled and continues to tumble professionally and personally.  Though his tumbling may be an amazing gift.

Have you heard or seen Tiger in a post-match press conference lately?  Even though he has lost a close match, he’s smiling, appreciative for his accomplishments, is able to be grateful for small successes, he might even have a kind word about his opponents.   This is evidence of someone who’s on his way to learning a quality that can’t be taught.

Tiger’s great golf coaches and mentors could not have taught Tiger humility, life had to.  If Tiger is learning and growing he will be a better golfer, player and person.  You have to hire this quality, if you don’t you are going to bump into trouble, just ask the former Mrs Woods.  Tiger’s arrogance led him to a place where he could not and would not listen or even question his motives and actions and worst of all he stopped learning.  Humility is the ability and the willingness to learn, he lacked them both.  I have higher hopes for him in the future.  Remember being a better player, person and golfer has everything  to do with his character and not his rank.

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