• Quickly turn an email into an appointment. You’ve received an email that is going to require some action in the future. Your options are to leave it in your inbox and hope that in the coming weeks you’ll see it and act upon it. You could flag it, place a reminder on a sticky note to check the email sitting in your inbox, or you can quickly convert your email into an appointment and know that you will receive a pop-up reminder on the day you schedule. 

• Click on an email and drag and drop it onto your calendar. You have two options:
1. You can drag and drop the email into the calendar icon on the lower left-hand side of your inbox. Once the calendar entry opens just perfect the time and date.
2. If you have the “To-Do” view activated (2007/10), drag the email to the desired date and then all you have to perfect is the time.

• Notice that the entire email is embedded into the body of the calendar entry. Also, note that if there was an attachment with the email, Outlook filtered OUT the attachment. Why would Outlook do this? Any attachments you bring into your calendar add to the size of your inbox. If you would like to bring the attachment into your calendar RIGHT click, drag, and drop then choose ‘with attachment’. Learn how to clean those large attachments from your calendar in our Creating Space in Outlook seminar. You will be an Outlook expert in 90 minutes.

• Use this great tip to create a reminder for yourself or to initiate a meeting invitation to a colleague.

• Now that the time-sensitive email is safe in your calendar you can go ahead and delete it from your inbox. Removing distracting emails will help you focus on what needs to get done today!

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Garrett Miller