iPhone & iPad Training


make your iphone and ipad a powerful productivity tool

The iPhone and iPad have revolutionized the way we listen to music, watch videos, and get work done. Used by millions of professionals it is their life-line to work. Can these devices really be productivity tools? Unlocking the iPhone and iPad’s potential will help you get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time.


Imagine a class where the facilitator asks everyone to take out their iPhone/iPad and look at their email! In this fun, fast‐paced, incredibly relevant course, participants discover exciting new shortcuts, tips, and tricks for maximizing iPhone/iPad productivity.

The course is a deeper dive into the productivity tips already built into this great tool. Organize your iPhone/iPad so that you can navigate easily and find each app quickly. We’ll end with a quick discussion about the apps that help us stay organized and get more done. The shortcuts are designed to save users thousands of clicks per year. All tips are practiced in real time by participants to increase adoption and retention. Finally, tips to improve work/life balance, job safety, and communication skills are shared. Sign up for Creating Space with iPhone/iPad® today.

Measurable Course Goals

  • Save 10 days a year

  • 95% achieve significant boost in productivity

  • 100% increase in sharing of iPhone/iPad insights

Course Benefits

  • 50 amazing – iPhone/iPad shortcuts

  • Time‐saving strategies and setting changes

  • New ways to manage and use info on your iPhone/iPad

  • Improved life balance, etiquette, and driving safety

Who Should Attend

  • iPhone/iPad users

  • Anyone doing more and more work on their iPhone/iPad

  • Professionals eager to leverage technology to take their careers to the next level

Training Options

  • In person

  • Webinar

"Loved my iPhone before. Love it even more. I have always been above average when it comes to using technology. This class helped me master it. Great tips and tricks and app discussion."

- Technology manager – Consumer Healthcare division