When is the last time you sat down and wondered “I wonder if I could…?”  Then gave up because you didn’t have time to figure it out. We’ve figured it out for you. Whether it is Microsoft Outlook, your BlackBerry, iPhone, or iPad you will find practical, time-saving tips and tricks that will turn Outlook or your mobile device into your most important productivity tool. Give us 90 minutes and we’ll propel you to the next level of efficiency.


Microsoft outlook training

This hands-on, learn by doing seminar will have you amazed for 90 minutes. Walk away with THE most important and impactful tips and tricks to boost your productivity. You’ll schedule, email, use contacts, and tasks like you have never before.  A fun and interactive workshop will have you smiling ear to ear as you learn how to recapture the gift of time.


blackberry training

You will learn why the BlackBerry is so much more than a phone and email reader. The tips and tricks will get you excited about your ‘New’ device.  It takes only 90 minutes in this hands-on, learning by doing, session. You’ll be ready to get more done while you are away from the office so that you can get more done while in the office.


iphone & ipad training

Imagine a class where the facilitator asks everyone to take out their iPhone/iPad and look at their email! In this fun, fast‐paced, incredibly relevant course, participants discover exciting new shortcuts, tips, and tricks for maximizing iPhone/iPad productivity.