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Hire On a WHIM

What are the four nonnegotiable, nonteachable qualities that you must hire?

Can you be sure, really sure, that the person you are about to hire is the one? 

We've all experienced that feeling of buyer's remorse when what we thought we "needed" isn't as fabulous as we thought it would be. Many managers have a similar feeling, "hire's remorse," after they extend an offer to a prospective employee and get that small but unmistakable twinge in the gut.

Hiring for a new position doesn't have to be this way. Hire on a WHIM breaks down the essentials, not of whom to hire, but what to hire. What makes these four qualities essential is that no matter how great a manager you are, these are attributes you can't teach. As one expert put it, "These essentials are part of a candidate's DNA; they either have them, or they don't."

So, before you make that offer, be sure your future employee has what it takes to be hired on a WHIM.

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Hired Right Out of College

There is a simple formula for discovering and confirming the career that is right for students. Successful students learn to discover their strengths and evaluate the career path that most reflects their interests and aptitudes. At the heart of Hired ‘Right’ is the AEIOU principle; a simple formula for guiding students to a more satisfying career choice. The steps outlined in Hired ‘Right’ are essential, and the earlier they are completed, the more focused and motivated a student will be.

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